Lets Get Started

This package will help you get you on the right track to improving your health. After identifying and addressing your health concerns and goals, you will be taught the fundamentals of nutrition, and provided with the guidance and education you need to start your health journey, from how to make the correct food choices and how to implement these in your daily life in order to improve your health and wellbeing.

This package is ideal if you are overwhelmed, confused or don’t know where to start in order to improve your health.


1 x 90 minute initial consultation.

2 x 60 minute follow up consultations.

1 x basic meal plan.

Unlimited email support.

Access to high quality practitioner grade supplements (at additional cost).

– Cost $415

If you are interested in this package, please contact Emily or mention during your consultation, so we can assess suitability and determine if this package is the right fit for you.

Book an Initial consultation and receive a 10% of your first 60-minute follow up consultation.

"I was impressed with Emily’s professional and friendly manner in the clinic. She took a full family health history and didn’t rush to “throw” supplements at me. Some small but impactful suggestions to diet and lifestyle habits were made. I also liked her “food as medicine” approach and philosophy, and have enjoyed reading her posts on Facebook and Instagram.”

Bec G, Sydney, NSW

"In my consultation, Emily was able to identify other things that are a concern in my health and has managed to guide me in the right direction to get on top of these things. Having had IBS problems for most of my adult life, I was thrilled when she was able to suggest certain dietary supplements and food to avoid and I’m having fantastic results. I have found after my consult with Emily, I feel happier and not so run down all the time.”

Lisa D, Hilltop, NSW

"It was evident to me that Emily has a deep passion for food and nutrition. Once the assessment was complete I was thrilled with the solutions Emily came up within her management plan. She demonstrated that she listened to every detail of what I said because she had factored my work and personal life circumstances into my management plan, including my existing medical conditions. "

Nicole P, Buxton, NSW
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